The List

“22 things to do before you turn 22”

  1. Keep a weekly blog
  2. Lose weight ✓
  3. Create a YouTube channel
  4. Go to a concert
  5. Go to a festival
  6. Compliment a stranger ✓
  7. Never order the same meal off a menu twice ✓
  8. Take more pictures
  9. Dedicate a couple hours of one Saturday a month to my art
  10. Read one different book every month
  11. Go to the cinema by myself
  12. Bake more
  13. Try to keep in contact with people
  14. Become a vegan for lent ✓ (half tick… was a vegetarian)
  15. Try every gym class the uni gym offers ✓
  16. Buy a sewing machine
  17. Get skating
  18. Give more gifts ✓
  19. Give blood
  20. Buy some WELLIES!!!
  21. Travel abroad ✓
  22. Sing solo at an open mic night ✓

You might wonder how things like wellies made the list well a lot of these things are things I’ve said I’d get or do for years and years and HAVEN’T DONE IT!!! But here it is my infamous list 🙂


4 thoughts on “The List

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