It’s CHRISTMAS!!!… (kind of)

So… soon it’ll be Jesus’ official birthday (yaay!!) It’s always the time you get stressed looking for that perfect present. Or maybe, if your like me, it’s one of few times in the year where your ENTIRE extended family manages to coordinate themselves and somehow align in a way that we all end up at the same place, at the same time.

However, as much as celebration is central to this holidays, I can’t help but feel like all the worst things happen around this time of year. Where Christmas should bring warmth and love, some have had it stained making it bitter sweet or straight up bitter.

So, as we all have fun and join with family and friends, remembering the past and looked forward to our futures. It’s good to remember that as bad as we feel, we’ve still got it pretty good.

As much bad there is in the world, sometimes it’s better to look for the good in the world just to remind us. This is the time of year to keep others in your prayers and thoughts, and just generally think about others.

And on that very short note, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


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