Do you know why the caged bird sings?

Books . Books. Books.

When I was younger I, in a good week, I would read a good three to  four books  and couldn’t wait for Saturday to come so I could search the library for my new best book.

Then I got old… things like assignments and exams started to pop up and suddenly I felt like I was busy all the time. And lets not forget… the internet. The black hole of lost time. The wasted hours I have spent on YouTube haven’t gone unnoticed so I figured ‘why not cut down my time online?’

So last week I did two things: I bought a new book and I got myself a new library card.

Go me!!!

Go me!!!

As a graduate, I need to make money stretch and sometimes buying books didn’t seem like the best invest to make with my money but I think I’ve found a way around it.

Book Swaps

Second hand books are the way forward. When you look online you’ll find a plethora of places to buy and give new love to old books with a lot to give (Amazon etc.) but there are different even cheaper ways to get your hands on a good book.

Now, I haven’t ever done a book a book swap but it’s definitely been on my mind. A quick Google search brought me to readitswapit, an online book swap, but what really interested me was the Carnaby Book Exchange.

Doesn’t this just look like the beginning of your beautiful romcom happy end

You don’t just get a book, you get somewhere that allows you to have a bit of me time and comfort. It also makes me feel like maybe you can get a little social in there while you relax *wink*. (This definitely on my list of places to go in 2015.)


There are a TON of free ebooks online and my way to find them is through BookBub which is a really easy (lazy) way to find ebooks.

However, an even better place to look is Wattpad. You’ll find a lot of up and coming authors and I like my books the way I like my music. Raw. However, I do have a couple of tips to help wade through the faff.

  • Try to only read books by authors who complete books. There’s nothing worse then getting attached to characters that you will never hear from again
  • It’s a place where numbers are a good indication of quality, the more people have read them the better
  • Good writers tend to recommend good stories (but don’t quote me on that)

While on the subject check out Germansam if you like a little romantic drama.

And Library Cards

The old trusty library card, my introduction to books. It’s the community’s literary hub. All I can say to this is… it won’t hurt if you get one.

Happy Reading 🙂


One thought on “Do you know why the caged bird sings?

  1. I too, have slacked on my book log… I haven’t laid eyes on a book unless it’s an assigned book for school or the Bible…. I really feel the anticipation of getting my hands on a new read….

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