So many sleepless nights pt.2

Pt.1 here

Sooo… I’m still not sleeping, but I have a plan.

When you decide ‘Right! Today is the day I change my life!!’ it’s very easy to forget that the things you’re trying to change about yourself didn’t happen over night, so, chances are they aren’t going to disappear over night either.

Bad habit – A patterned behaviour regarded as detrimental to one’s physical or mental health, which is often linked to alack of self-control – Dictionary

Bad habits are a problem. Their sole purpose in life is to make you think they’re too hard to break so you might as well keep them. They are the true definition of ‘enemies of progress’.

But… they can be broken! They can be broken through everyone’s favourite word – DISCIPLINE. Unfortunately, motivation, inspiration and the power of thought can only take you so far.

Sometimes you’ll actually have to fight every. Single. Urge. In your body and you’ll find you need more than a few good words to get yourself going. It’s at this point you learn to ignore yourself, saying yes or no only when you really need to.

Lets take my running as an example. For the longest time I was convinced I couldn’t run. Whether it was for buses or on a treadmill, I I was sure God didn’t gift me with the ability to move any faster than a a speed walk through Oxford Street. Well seven weeks on, I’ve definitely been tested.

Lack of funds and a genuine dislike towards gym equipment meant that running became my only viable option. Now, I wasn’t about to let go of ALL that progress I’ve made just because I ‘can’t’ run so I downloaded the Nike running app and got started.

I definitely look this good when running *shifty eyes*

I definitely look this good when running *shifty eyes*

I HATED it… SOOOOO much. My legs hurt, my butt hurt, even my arms hurt (?!). Every time my phone buzzed and the little Nike tick showed up on my notification bar, I winced. 101 excuses ran through my mind ‘it’s too cold’ ‘it’s getting dark too quickly’ or my personal favourite, ‘it won’t hurt if I give myself one extra rest day’. But each time, I some how found myself at my local park cursing myself about choosing to let myself suffer.

Then something changed. About three weeks into it, I started to enjoy it. The park gave me something nice to look at and a quiet place to reflect, plus the cold didn’t bother me… that much. It stopped being a chore because I did it even when I didn’t want to. 142.3km later I’m still running.

That’s the thing about breaking/starting habits, you have to force them until you don’t.


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