It all starts with a good story

We all love a good story and my love affair started with fairy tales. My favourite was always ‘The Elves and The Shoemaker’.

Cute right?!

That’s right, I was not and never have been a princess type (though this and ‘The 12 Dancing Princesses’ may explain why I love looking at shoes…. hmm).

The shoemaker’s hard work to make ends meet, the elves’ kindness and his gesture of gratitude touched my young little heart and I couldn’t help but think ‘this must be true!’. At that age every story I read was very real, and to be honest it still kind of is.

Now, obviously I no longer believe giant man-sized killer bees are lined up along the coasts of America (long story), but I do believe that every story has a bit of truth to it no  matter how crazy it may seem. Even lies can have a bit of truth to them.

This is why I love reading. This is also why I’m upset that I read nowhere near enough, and I need to change that (see point 10 of the list).

I feel like books are the easiest life lessons, so I used to live vicariously through them. Now I’m older, I find myself reading more objectively and every time I read a book I remember why I miss it.

Case in point, the last book I read was ‘Why We Broke Up’ by Daniel Handler formally known as Lemony Snicket (if you know, you know). Now, aside from the wrapping my head around the fact that a middle aged man seems to know how teenage girls think, this book was definitely all up in the feels.

Min and Ed broke up and the scene was set. After allowing my heart to mend from her break up I started to think ‘but wait?’ This book is basically a 354 page love letter to Ed. Aside from the two sides to every story angle (though I can’t imagine any side where Ed comes out smelling of roses), the thing that irked me most was her insistence on telling Ed how he felt.

I sense a lesson coming on. 

This is something I see way too much and it’s only when I saw it on paper that I realised how annoying  it is. WE ARE NOT MIND READERS!! We love to tell people we can’t read their minds yet still try to when it’s convenient to us, and this can cause all sorts.

No one is justified in telling people how they feel because they are not them. Min made her break up that much worse by assuming Ed’s feelings for her and the situation. We never hear from Ed, but I can imagine him reading that  letter and feeling guilty, sad and angry all at the same time (okay… so now I’m doing it but you get my point).

Sometimes it’s better not to make assumptions and just ask.

And on that note I’m off to find my next life lesso… I mean book. Library, old friend, I’m coming to find you.


6 thoughts on “It all starts with a good story

  1. i really like this post of yours.

    According to Gustave Flaubert,

    “The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.”
    Keep writing more.
    Looking foward to your future posts 🙂

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