So many sleepless nights pt.1

I don’t sleep.

Okay, technically I do sleep but I think you get what I mean. I thought this happened because of uni but I’ve graduated now and this habit, well, it’s still here *sigh*. If I’m honest, I think it’s got worse and I blame it on me. Lack of direction is a killer and as someone who ‘kind of’ knows what they want, I’ve decided to put roots down by putting it in writing.

The basics of it is… I want to get organised. I mean, so organised that I know where every hour of my day is going and productivity becomes me. I want to start seeing things change around me, and that can’t happen while I’m on YouTube.

Speaking of about YouTube… Here are two of my favourite time stealers speaking on my dearest subject:

Shirley B. Eniang

Patricia Bright

Now I probably won’t do everything they say because I’m not them, but it is good to take inspiration where you can, however you can get it. I mean, I’ve had this post at the back of my mind for a while and never wrote it and the saw a post by Stylist Magazine on getting organised and thought ‘why not?’

You know all that wisdom people love to give but never use, I don’t want that to be me and it won’t be. So, I’m going to start by clearing my inbox and filling my diary.

Pt. 2 here


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