Sometimes you just want cake…

… And sometimes you just eat it.

I’ve tried 24 milkshake flavours from Tinseltown and suffered through a blue cheese bison burger. I’ve complimented strangers and became a vegetarian (for lent). But my biggest achievement so far has to be losing 15kg *insert round of applause*.

But… sometimes you REALLY want cake, and speaking as sohmeone on this journey, it’s okay to say yes.

Hear me out. We are only human and our self control isn’t limitless so ‘diets’ just don’t work. I personally gave up on starving myself after the 5:2 diet became the 7:0 one. Where most people jump on the yo-yo train, I decided I needed to re-evaluate myself because to be honest, I am not about that life.

I’m no expert but I think when you’re trying to change a habit or start something new there are some things you just need to do:

Start with the easy stuff

Some things are always easier to do than others and sometimes that Big Mac meal is hard to pass up, but it’s all about the baby steps. If you normally get a large, get a medium; if you normally get a drink, get water. That’s what I did and now water is all I drink.

burger thief

This stays the same whether you’re trying to get organised or changing your routine; if the easy stuff is out of the way, the hard stuff is easier to put in place.

Start NOW!! (after you finish reading this)

Procrastination is NO ONE’S FRIEND. I’m a blogger who doesn’t blog and I only started putting effort into losing weight two years after I thought about it. TWO WHOLE YEARS. When there’s no urgency, it’s easy for you to let time disappear and productivity goes straight out of the window. Like I said in my previous post, just do it.

Enjoy it, it’s the rest of your life

I hate going to the gym. At uni it was really easy (*cough* cheap) for me to go to the gym and avoid actually going to the gym. I was there five to six times a week and IF I went to the gym it would probably be for an hour. I was a self confessed class whore. Zumba, step, body conditioning, I was down. I mean I actually tried EVERY SINGLE CLASS. I didn’t really know I wasn’t a gym person until I was stuck with one without what I really wanted, so my fitness AND my bank account suffered.

Now I run. something about being outside makes things a lot less boring and even with the English weather, I’d take the rain over the gym every time.

gym fail

My point is do what works for you. Try different healthy foods till you find some you actually like. Maybe, it turns out, Insanity is your cup of tea. Or, actually, running away with the circus is exactly what you needed. I’m just saying you might as well (having one life and all).

Basically… if you don’t make things easy, or fun, or manageable, chances are you won’t even try and how will you get anything done if you don’t try.

Jis before and after


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